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Because your time is precious and you workload is high:

  • APT is Easy to use.  Quick set-up.  Simple, no manuals to memorize
  • Save Time:   One staff person can assist numerous clients
  • Fit your Budget:   Modular system, get only what you need.



  • Exercise  arms and legs with one system.
  • 3 modes of exercise, Active, Passive, and Combination: exercise Actively with motor assisted movement.


Some key features:

  • Ease of use matters:

    4  raduises for safer exercises,  accessories  to fits all abilities

  • Budget matters:

    choose  between APT Advanced (APT-5)  or  APT Classic (APT-1) models.

  • Radius matters:

     4 size radiuses – easily adjust between clients, for arms & legs

  • Peace of mind matters:

    Over 30 years track record worldwide,  over 20 years in Canada.


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4  Radiuses:   above the  Smallest  &  Largest Radius


 See   Research using the APT:

  • –  APT helps increase Mobility and Independence, study in  Nursing home 
  • –  APT helps Spinal cord and head injuries –  Reduce  Spasms
  • – APT research at UBC  M.S. Clinic  (patients with advance stages of M.S.)

Other research shows  exercise  reduces the risk of Dementia  (‘Exercise is Medicine’)


Different Facilities- Different Setup, what would yours be?





During COVID19

facilities are using the APT to further improve circulation, flexibility, and improved sense of well being:




Contact us for additional information,  for a trial or to purchase  

Call toll-free (Canada wide):  1-888 549 6227, or  604 729 7272


Michael was in a car accident few years ago. He was in a COMA for months. When he started rehabilitation, he used an APT daily. He says:

"I can now walk with assistance with a quad cane up to 15 minutes with no breaks. I attribute this to my daily exercises using my APT.  The APT Trainer allowed me to build the necessary muscles within my body.


Soon I will be able to be back on my own two feet again, and that will be amazing.”

Michael Coss