APT helps people with M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis)

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APT helps  Increase  Endurance,  and  Reduce  Fatigue. 


Research Method:

26 patients (with ‘advanced M.S.’) were put in to one of four groups (for an 8 week study):

  • A    Exercise  group with physiotherapist;
  • B    Discussion group with the social worker and nurse;
  • AB Exercise  and discussion group.
  • O    Control group: no exercise and no discussion group;

Measurements recorded:

  • Distance covered in a 6 minute sub-maximal walk or arm,
  • pedal fitness test,
  • measured Fatigue scores,
  • Physical and mental composite scores.



  • 28% increase in distance covered by the exercise groups, no significant changes in others.
  • Fatigue decreased significantly for the exercise groups, but not in others.



  • “Considerably disabled MS patients were able to exercise

           safely and effectively to improve endurance and fatigue ratings.”


The Active Passive Trainer  was one of several exercising  methods used by Sandra Brunham, MSc, BSR Physiotherapist,

at the  M.S. Clinic at University of British Columbia Hospital, Vancouver,  B.C.


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If you are using a wheelchair, scooter, walker, or cane,

if you wish to avoid complications for lack of movement,

If you need to improve circulation, strengthen muscles, improve joint flexibility, or reduce spasms and risk of falls – then start now

contact us by email – or give us a call – toll free:  1-888 549 6227

"I have M.S. and I have to use my wheelchair 100% of the time.


As a result, my muscles have atrophied and I have great difficulty transferring in and out of bed, use of  the toilet, and standing to get dressed.       The MS clinic at UBC suggested I should buy an “APT” machine to exercise at home.


I now have an easier time of getting in and out of the bed, and of getting on and off the toilet. The swelling in my feet has decreased considerably."   (Person with M.S.)