Active Passive Trainer


Don’t let an injury, disease or weakness prevent you from improving LIFE


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  • Exercise arms and legs.

  • Motor assisted movement

  • From the comfort of your chair, wheelchair, or scooter.



APT helps Improve:

  • Circulation

  • Strengthen muscles

  • Flex joints


APT helps Reduce:

  • Falls

  • Swelling

  • Spasms

  • Risk of Dementia.



Regardless of your age and abilities – one of following will work for you:

  • Active – exercise muscles against the motor’s resistance.

  • Passive – motor driven movement.

  • Exercise Actively with motor assisted movement.



Potential Benefits:

  • Better  mobility  (stronger muscles, better balance, flex joints, less spasms)

  • More  independence  (easier transfers, endurance, feeling of well-being)

  • Reduce risk of  dementia, and complications from not moving




APT is used by:

  • M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis),  and C.P.

  • Stroke,  and Parkinson’s

  • Para  and  Quadriplegics (Head & Spinal Cord injuries)

  • O.-Arthritis

  • Musculo-skeletal  and  Neurological problems

  • All ages, all abilities


Unique four radiuses

Choose from  4  size circles (radius):

if stiff legs or spasms,  start with smaller radius;

when situation has improved – switch to a larger radius, larger range of motion.

Note: you might need different size circles for arms or legs – no problem:

you have all options you need, already built in.

A Quick and Easy release system means – no tools needed to change size of radius.

GRaphics arms base table Small Radius ARROW



small radius



H 150 arms base table LARGE RADIUS




large radius




Call (Canada wide)  1-888 549 6227   or   604-729-7272


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Our APT is priced to fit your budget  (with our ‘30 Days Money Back Guarantee’)   

Michael was in a car accident few years ago. He was in a COMA for months. When he started rehabilitation, he used an APT daily. He says:

"I can now walk with assistance with a quad cane up to 15 minutes with no breaks. I attribute this to my daily exercises using my APT.  The APT Trainer allowed me to build the necessary muscles within my body.


Soon I will be able to be back on my own two feet again, and that will be amazing.”

Michael Coss