APT Reduces Spasms

APT study finds, people with

Spinal cord &  Head injuries Reduce frequency and level of Spasms.



  • All users expressed much satisfaction using the APT and expressed their wish to keep the system at their disposal.


  • None of the participants complained of any negative phenomena resulting from the use of the APT .


The Study:  The APT was given to a group of severely disabled, with functional problems in arms and legs, resulting from damage to one of the vertebrae in the spine, or from injury to the head.”  Study was conducted by – Z. Smolinski,  Biomedical Engineer


Overall Conclusion:

  •  “It can be unequivocally concluded that -the APT successfully reduces the level of spasms and releases tight muscles.



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If you are using a wheelchair, scooter, walker, or cane,

if you wish to avoid complications for lack of movement,

If you need to improve circulation, strengthen muscles, improve joint flexibility, or reduce spasms and risk of falls – then start now

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