APT-5 Advanced

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Optional Remote Control                            Hand-grips for arms                           Foot-rests for legs


APT-5  offers additional features. These could be useful if you have:

– very  stiff  legs,

– strong spasms,

– wish to have a Remote Control, 

– need Heart monitoring while exercising.

want Digital counters: time + number of circles (rotations) + work


Get electric motor assisted movement for Arms and Legs, for all ages and abilities.

Exercise from the comfort of a chair, wheelchair, or scooter.


–  Blood Circulation,

–  better Muscles

–  Joint flexibility

–  Bowel movements, bladder control,

Heart training, healthier bones.

– reduced risk of  Dementia  *

–  Reduce risk of  Falls,

– reduce Spasms, Swelling,  and atrophy of muscles.


APT-5   Base:  light weight, portable, folds to 7 inches low.

APT-5 on  HiLo on  Stand: allows for easy switching between exercising arms and legs.


Radius matters:  see how 4 radiuses easily adjust to fit your needs  (no tools needed)


 To get started,  call us toll-free (Canada only)   1-888 549 6227   or   604-729-7272    

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Michael was in a car accident few years ago. He was in a COMA for months. When he started rehabilitation, he used an APT daily. He says:

"I can now walk with assistance with a quad cane up to 15 minutes with no breaks. I attribute this to my daily exercises using my APT.  The APT Trainer allowed me to build the necessary muscles within my body.


Soon I will be able to be back on my own two feet again, and that will be amazing.”

Michael Coss