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Your body was designed to move.


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Reduce risks of:

  •    Falls

  •    Swelling

  •    Spasms

  •    Atrophy

  •    Dementia.



  • Circulation

  •    Muscles

  •    Joints

  •    Heart training

  •    Bowel movements and Bladder control.


Exercise Arms and Legs

  • Motor assisted movement   

  • 4 Radius  to fit arms and legs                                                           

  • Get only the Accessories to fit your needs.   


Easy and Comfortable



Get only what you need:

  •  APT-1 is the ‘work horse’ of the industry,  versatile and affordable
  • APT-5  for those who need advanced features, optional remote, heart monitoring
  • Get only what you need,  don’t pay for things you will not use.  You can always add them later.


See why Radius matters:  

see how 4 radiuses easily adjust to fit your needs  (no tools needed)


If you are using a wheelchair, scooter, walker, cane – if you wish to avoid complications for lack of movement, then contact us – or give us a call – toll free:  1-888 549 6227

If you have MS, Stroke, are Para or Quadriplegic, spinal cord or head injury, C.P., or simply need to improve circulation, strengthen muscles, improve joint flexibility, then contact us.

Our APT is priced to fit your budget  (with our ‘30 Days Money Back Guarantee’)  

Michael was in a car accident that left him in a coma for months. He never gave up.


“I can now walk with assistance with a quad cane up to 15 minutes with no breaks. I attribute this to my daily exercises using my APT.  The APT Trainer allowed me to build the necessary muscles within my body.


Soon I will be able to be back on my own two feet again, and that will be amazing.”

Michael Coss