Getting Started


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  1. Do you need MOTOR Assisted exercise?

  2. Do you want to exercise LEGS, ARMS?


To find out what system best suits your needs, ask yourself:


Is space important?

if so, APT Base units are smaller than APT on HiLo stand.

Is budget extremely important?

  • If so, you can start with an APT-1 Base model, get only the accessories you need now.
  • Later you can add other accessories, as you situation and budget permit.


Are you going to be switching often between arms and legs?

If yes, then consider the APT on the HiLo Stand – it is easier to switch between arms and legs.

Do have very stiff muscles or strong spasms?

If so, then consider the APT-5  – it offers some extra useful features.


How to get Started with an APT?

  • You can Purchase the APT, and if you not completely satisfied we will refund the cost of the unit (within 30 days, some restrictions apply*.)


  • In some cases you may Rent the APT, and if then if purchased after the first month rent (or two), the rent can be deducted (some restrictions apply**.)


To Get started  contact us – or call us  toll-free (Canada wide)  1-888 549 6227   or  604-729 7272

* Purchase the APT at list price and if within 30 days you return the APT system to us in normal use condition for period of use, we will refund the cost of unit paid minus shipping.  Please call to discuss.

** Rent of APT-1 base unit in some cases may be done on a month by month basis. If then purchased we will deduct the first month of rental paid, and half of the second and third  month rental paid, from the purchase price of any APT system purchased.


After I suffered a Stroke,  I would wake up every morning feeling stiff. Mainly my right leg. Now the first thing I do now is use the APT.


After 10 minutes of exercise it is easier for me to get up and start walking, and my entire day gets better.


I am pleased with my progress as I improved from being completely dependent on my cane, to feeling confident enough to walk without it.

Gabby P