The   A.P.T. stands for:    Active Passive Trainer.

It refers to the three ways to exercise:

  • Active –  working your muscles against the different levels of resistance. this is the best way to strengthen muscles, and increase endurance.
  • Passive – the electric motor moves you to  increase blood circulation, flex muscles and joints, reduce spasms and swelling.
  • the Combination:   let the motor move your legs, while work your muscles actively. Strengthen weak muscles (Stroke, M.S., C.P., etc)


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Almost anyone, regardless of age, and abilities.

It is most popular with those needing some type of  Motor Assisted movement for Arms and Legs.

You can start using the APT if you have exercising, or not at all.   If you are bed ridden or mobile.

  • People with M.S.   to regain strength and independence, and reduce fatigue.
  • People after stroke  to regain their strength, coordination, movement and flexibility.
  • Paraplegics and Quadriplegics  to improve circulation, range of motion, reduce spasms and swelling. 
  • Children / Teens  (with Cerebral Palsy for example).
  • People on dialysis.
  • Post Surgery (knee, hip, elbow, etc.)
  • Elderly in Nursing homes.
  • People using Walkers, Canes, Wheelchairs, scooters use it  at home, or in  Community Centers.
  •  See summaries of research done using the APT.


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The APT has been used for over 30 years worldwide.

First in England, Germany, and Scandinavia,

then across Europe, Asia and North America.

MACS has been distributing the APT in Canada for over 18 years.

MACS is the official distributor working with leading Rehabilitation Hospitals Canada wide, Physiotherapists in M.S. Clinic and Nursing Homes, physiotherapists in private practice and in Recreation Centers – making the APT available for people of all ages and abilities.

Research on using the APT has been conducted from Japan to the University of British Columbia (M.S. Clinic.) proving that regular exercise with the APT is both safe and effective.

The APT Base unit comes ready to use right of the box.

Where the APT is being used – EXAMPLES in BC alone:  Vancouver General hospital VGH, Victoria, Burnaby, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Surrey, White-Rock (Peace Arch), Delta, Holy Family, Mount Saint Joseph, GF Strong Rehabilitation Hospital, George Pearson, University of BC Hospital, UBC M.S. Clinic (and many more across the country.)


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The cost will depend on the system you need.

There are two models:

For many the Classic APT-1  model is all they need.

Some wish for the more advanced APT-5 model.

Models may range from as low as $2400 to  $4400.

Get only the accessories you need.

Sometimes we have  units that were rented and are DISCOUNTED.

Our APT is priced to fit your budget  (with our ‘30 Days Money Back Guarantee’)

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