Mobility and Independence

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It is easier to prevent disease than to treat it, and like-wise cheaper”.

  • “It is generally accepted that physical activity will in all likelihood

          delay the rate of aging and thus improve the quality of life.


  • “We recommend the APT  to enhance physical capabilities,

           and to improve the quality of life



  • “Exercising with the APT  improves the mobility rate and therefore the degree of

            self-sufficiency in the performance of daily tasks.”



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Impact was measured in 3 areas:


Improved  Mobility 

  • Residents using canes increased their walking speed by  39%.
  • Using walkers increased by  26%,
  • and those walking without aids increased their speed by  17%.


Greater  Independence

As a result of exercising with the APT there was an increase in the number of people who could now do the following activities independently:

  • Get out of bed an increase of – 80%
  • Get out of a chair increase – 110%
  • Walk independently increase  72%
  • Climb stairs – from zero to 16!
  • Put on socks an increase of – 85%
  • Put on shoes an increase of – 80%.

Overall an increase 126%  in the number of  independent patients.


Pulse Reduction:     Average decreased from  87 to 81.


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The above study checked the benefits of using the  APT . The study  was conducted with  26 frail residents in retirement homes, ages between of 76  and 93. “All expressed satisfaction and enjoyment using  the APT together with the desire to continue with the exercises.”

From final thesis study by  Tova B.  and  Idit C., under supervision of Ruth Dikstein M.D, Head of Department of Physiotherapy, to read more call MACS at  604 729 7272,  or  Canada wide: 1-888-549 -6227

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