Save money by getting only the accessories you need.

(you can always add others later.)



Secure your legs in Foot-rests  with Ankle support and Velcro-elastic straps




High Support Foot-rests 150 137     H 150 HIGH Support HighLighted highfoot

Foot-rests with High Support (brace like – 3rd strap under knee)

High Support – for those with weak muscle tone, to help keep legs parallel when turning




Cropped H 150 arms man brochure Copy of APT-10   Straight HAND GRIP accessory highlighted APT1new_Picture75

Straight Hand-grips (hold on to horizontal hand-grip).




H 150 GLOVE HighLighted glove

Support GLOVE  (for those need extra support gripping)




color GLOVES DISCS H 150 Small BASE dianna 156

Straight Hand-grips with Support GLOVES  + Safety DISCS




 H 150 Angled Hand-grips 133 gd color changed   H 150 Angled highlighted anglhand

ANGLED hand-grips,  hold on to a Vertical hand-grip




H 150 REMOTE APT-5 GD color 103 - Copy


optional  REMOTE Control  (APT -5  only)


See also –   Radius matters:  see how 4 radiuses easily adjust to fit your needs  (no tools needed)


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