APT HILO on Stand

 Cropped All Around hilo on stand model 002   CROPPED ARMS APT Hilo H 200 diana 119   juliet legs cropped Around H 200 hilo high 010c

When exercising arms AND legs is important:

  • Easy to SWITCH  between Legs and Arms.  Quick – No tools needed.
  • Enjoy Motor Assisted movement. 
  •  Simple to use, can be moved – on wheels.
  • Sturdy frame for  height adjustments.
  • Get  only the accessories to fit your needs.
  • Radius matters:  4 radiuses easily adjust based on flexibility (no tools needed)


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     color H 100 APT-18     color H 100 APT-14     H 100 patricia hilo stright small R 019c


Choose  an   APT-1 or  APT-5  model to meet your specific needs, re Stroke, M.S., Para or Quadriplegic, spinal cord injury or muscle weakness,

APT if you are using a wheelchair, scooter, walker, or cane.  

APT if you need to improve circulation, strengthen muscles, increase joint flexibility, reduce swelling and spasms


Get started call toll-free (Canada wide)  1-888 549 6227  or  604-729-7272 

After I suffered a Stroke,  I would wake up every morning feeling stiff. Mainly my right leg. Now the first thing I do now is use the APT. He says:


"After 10 minutes of exercise it is easier for me to get up and start walking, and my entire day gets better.


I am pleased with my progress as I improved from being completely dependent on my cane, to feeling confident enough to walk without it."

Gabby P