Exercise – enjoy the Benefits

Prevention is cheaper than treatment:

“It is undoubtedly easier to prevent disease than to treat it,

and like-wise less expensive“Use the APT  because long term restriction of movement in

joints and muscles, can result in reduction of elasticity and shortening of muscles and

connective tissue [ knee, hip, elbow, shoulder.]”   Therapists’  Thesis, T. Botnero, PT, I. Cohen, PT


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Physical exercise enhances

The immune function. It improves circulation maintaining

the elasticity of  blood arteries and tones the respiratory

[ breathing ] system.  It further helps  [ bowel movements ].

It fights depression and improves mood.  Naturalizes stress, allowing greater relaxation and

sounder sleep.”    Dr. A. Weil


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“Any program that intends to optimize the body’s healing potential, must include regular exercise.”   Dr. A. Weil


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Exercising is not futile:

even those sedentary  can improve function

Physical activity is a legitimate medical therapy for Dementia prevention.

Dr. Teresa Liu-Ambrose, PT, PhD, UBC


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